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Hart & Associates Inc. is a professional, full-service pre-employment and tenant screening firm with 23 years’ experience. We provide quality services with a personalized touch tailored to our clients’ needs. This enables our clients to make an informed choice of candidates and to verify their credentials before taking them on board.

Running background checks helps you protect your business, your clients and your property and ensures that you have accurate information. We use mainframe access and researchers at the county level who provide real time research of an individual, unlike our competitors who use databases that print out reports which are not completely related to the person in question.

The secure treatment of your information coupled with reliable,
accurate results makes Hart & Associates your choice for

  • Screening potential employees or tenants

  • Criminal background research

  • Verification of civil litigation

  • Verification of credentials & education

  • Drug testing

We provide these services for economical prices and are easily approachable with questions. We’ve been a success in serving our clients for 23 years now and it is always a delight to have satisfied clients through the years.

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 Our services are available in all the 50 states in USA.

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Mission Statement

Well qualified applicants for employment.
They are one of the most important resources our businesses must cultivate.
At Hart & Associates, Inc. our mission is to help your company thoroughly vet prospective employees,
So that you can make an accurately informed hiring decision that benefits your business.