Pre-employment & Tenant Screening

Hart & Associates, Inc. has 23 years’ experience in providing screening and background verification services. In fact, over time a proven employment / tenant screening program will reduce turnover and lower operating cost.

Criminal & Litigation History

To insure that any crimes or civil litigation in the candidates background will not pose a current or future liability for you or your company.

This service will identify all local felony and misdemeanour arrests and convictions. This service can also be conducted for arrests and convictions in any other county within the United States. Included within the scope of this search is the discovery of judgments, discrimination, personal injury, wrongful discharge, sexual harassment, etc.

Hart & Associates Inc.
Urinalysis Drug Testing

Drug testing reduces work related injuries and healthcare costs, and increases productivity and morale.

We offer multiple collection locations throughout the United States.

Service Urinalysis Drug Testing
Personal Interview & Evaluation

The interview is one of the best tools for verifying the candidate's background and character. It provides information that the candidate is willing to disclose.

This service is conducted by experienced professionals, and is the cornerstone of our complete screening services. The interview covers previous job history and terminations, drug and alcohol abuse, criminal arrests and convictions, traffic accidents and violations, and financial responsibility. Also covered is the applicant's use of attorneys in disputes with employers, in claims for unemployment benefits when the eligibility of the claimant was disputed, and to file lawsuits or seek monetary damages.

Hart & Associates Inc.
Academic & Professional Credentials Verified

This service is used to verify any academic and/or professional credentials of the candidate, in order to aid the assurance of job qualification.

Hart & Associates Inc. will provide information to their clients regarding the degrees, designations and certifications achieved by applicants.

Service Academic & Professional Credentials Verified
Credit & Financial History

The candidate's financial history may indicate potential problems. These reports can assist in proper placement of the candidate to avoid temptations.

This service is used to determine patterns of spending and debt. Financial history includes bankruptcy, judgments, tax liens, non-disclosed residencies, U.C.C.s and all financial encumbrances of record, past and pending.

Hart & Associates Inc.
Driving History Reports

A poor driving history can cause increased liability expense and prevent insurability.

These reports will identify prior accidents and traffic violations, and may also reveal non disclosed residencies.

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