Ultimate Screening & Background Verification Services

Ed Hart, the owner of Hart & Associates, Inc., has extensive experience in human resources, corporate loss prevention/risk management, and public law enforcement. Mr. Hart has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice as well as related post graduate work.

Before establishing his own company in 1996, he spent 17 years as a regional loss prevention/safety manager for several national retailers where he was responsible for 169 stores, three central delivery facilities, three distribution centers, a manufacturing plant, and approximately 5,400 employees in nine states.

During this time he dealt daily with human resource investigations, internal and external investigations, and related issues, as well as those involving OSHA and DOT. Articles by or regarding Mr. Hart have been published in several newspapers and periodicals.

With extensive knowledge and an experience of 23 years we’ve been able to provide ultimate screening and background verification services. We still answer the phone and give you complete information on our services. We also believe it is essential to educate our clients on the importance of background checks.

Hart & Associates Inc.

We, at Hart & Associates, Inc., believe in honesty and integrity. Our unending client list speaks for us that we truly work for the client, and their satisfaction is our goal.

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